Ceramic Discriminator 10.7MHz (JT10.7M)

DeMint Ceramic discriminator for FM (JT10.7M) is compatible to Murata CDA 10.7. DeMint ceramic discriminator is primarily designed for piezoelectric lines and conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free.

Ceramic discriminator can be customed designs and tighter tolerances available on request. Application of ceramic discriminator specific designs also available including different piezo band-pass devices and Q specifications adjusted to frequency requirements.

DeMint ceramic filters, discriminator, and trap filters can supply you high performance, high quality and stability. Ceramic discriminator provids reliable start up and stable oscillation in microprocessor circuits across a wide variety of applications.

JT10.7M for FM are resonated devices that offer adjustment free audio detection in both wide and narrow bandwidths.These IC dependent devices utilize FM specific detection methods to convert changes in frequency into an intelligible audio signal.

Download complete PDF Ceramic Discriminator 10.7MHz (JT10.7M).

Characteristics :
  1. Dimensions: (9.0 max x 7.0 max x 5.0 max) Unit: mm.
  2. Center Frequency: 10.64MHz±30kHz, 10.64MHz±30kHz, 10.70MHz±30kHz, 10.73MHz±30kHz, and 10.76MHz±30kHz.
  3. Available IC: TA7303P, TA7130, μPC1028H, LA1150, TA8122AN, TA8132N, TA2007, TA2104AFN, TA2099N, TA2132P,
    CX-2009, CX-20111, CXA1019M, CX-20091.
Dimensions (Unit: mm) (JT10.7M)
FM (JT10.7M) Dimensions
FM (JT10.7M) Dimensions
Technical Characteristics (JT10.7M)
Part Number Demodulation Output at fo
(mv) min
Distortion Factor at fo
(%) max
Demodulation 3dB Band Width
(KHz) max
Applicable IC
JT10.7MG1 25 1.0 345 CX-2009,CX-20111
JT10.7MG3 650 1.0 ±150 TA7303P,TA7130,μPC1028H,LA1150
JT10.7MG16 60~90 0.9 300 TA8122AN
JT10.7MG18 60~90 0.9 300 TA8132N
JT10.7MG33 45 0.7 250 TA2007
JT10.7MG80 65 1.0 300 TA2104AFN
JT10.7MG82 90 0.8 320 TA2099N
JT10.7MG92 60 1.0 300 TA2132P
JT10.7MC1 35 1.0 242 CXA1019M,CX-20091
Standard Rule (JT10.7M)
Center Frequency Color
D:10.64MHz±30kHz Black
B:10.67MHz±30kHz Blue
A:10.70MHz±30kHz Red
C:10.73MHz±30kHz Orange
E:10.76MHz±30kHz White
Test Circuit (JT10.7M)
FM (JT10.7M) Test Circuit
FM (JT10.7MG3) Test Circuit
FM (JT10.7M) Test Circuit
FM (JT10.7MG16) Test Circuit
FM (JT10.7M) Test Circuit
FM (JT10.7MG18) Test Circuit
FM (JT10.7M) Test Circuit
FM (JT10.7MC1) Test Circuit
Order Codes (JT10.7M)
JT10.7MG3 - A P
Part Number
Center Frequency color code
A 10.70MHz±30kHz
B 10.67MHz±30kHz
C 10.73MHz±30kHz
D 10.64MHz±30kHz
E 10.76MHz±30kHz