Ceramic Chip Filters (LTCS10.7M)

LTCS10.7M Low Profile Ceramic Chip Filter is Murata SFECS10M7 Compatible. DeMint LTCS10.7M Chip Ceramic Filter for FM-receiver utilizes the latest piezoelectric ceramic technology enabling the most cost-effective designs. The LTCS10.7M constructs with piezoelectric element which is connected in the sandwich shape by ceramics substrate. With a small mounting area (3.45±0.2 x 3.1±0.2 mm) and super thin profile (1.4 mm max.) enables flexible PCB design. Products conform to the RoHS directive.

Various bandwidths are available including standard and custom bandwidth on request with 30 db Minimum Spurious Attenuation at (9-12MHz). Maximum Insertion Loss (dB) 3.5±2.0 db ~ 4.5±2.0 db and Input/Output Impedance 330Ω provide customers select a suitable type in accordance with the desired selectivity.

Custom parts are available on request. DeMint will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information. Download Complete Ceramic Chip Filter Datasheet PDF (318KB).

Benefit Features :
  1. Various bandwidths are available. Select a suitable type in accordance with the desired selectivity.
  2. Slim at only 1.4 mm max. thickness, and have a small mounting area enabling flexible PCB design.
  3. Operating temperature range: -20 to +80 ( °C ).
  4. Storage temperature range: -40 to +85 ( °C ).
  5. Mountable by automatic placers.
Applications :
  1. Small, thin radios.
  2. Headphone stereos.
Dimensions (Unit: mm) (LTCS10.7M)
Chip (LTCS10.7M) Dimensions
Chip (LTCS10.7M) Dimensions
Technical Characteristics (LTCS10.7M)
Part Number 3dB Band Width (kHz) 20dB Band Width (kHz)max Insertion Loss (dB)max Spurious Attenuation (9-12MHz)(dB)min
LTCS10.7MS2 230±50 510 3.5±2.0 30
LTCS10.7MS3 180±40 470 4.5±2.0 30
LTCS10.7MA5 280±50 590 3.0±2.0 30
LTCS10.7MA20 330±50 700 3.0±2.0 30
Input/Output Impedance:330 Ω.
Test Circuit (LTCS10.7M)
(LTCS10.7M) Test Circuit
(LTCS10.7M) Test Circuit
Order Codes (LTCS10.7M)
Part Number
Package (TR: Taping Reel)