Ceramic Filters (LT MB)

Ceramic Filters for TV/VCR Stage (Murata SFE MB Compatible) 4.5 MHz ~ 6.5 MHz. DeMint utilizes the latest piezo filter technology enabling the most cost-effective designs in manufacturing LT MB series. The ceramic filter is primarily designed for piezoelectric lines and conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free. Ceramic filters for TV/VCR stage LT MB series can be customed designs and tighter tolerances available on request.

Application of ceramic filters specific designs also available including different piezo band-pass devices and Q specifications adjusted to frequency requirements. DeMint ceramic filters can supply you high performance, high quality and stability.

DeMint ceramic filters LT MB series are a high selectivity filter for 2 channel multi-sound TV. Features with frequency adjustment-free, high performance and durability, and high selectivity.

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Benefit Features :
  1. Excellent spurious suppression characteristics within video signal band.
  2. Available 4 pass bandwidth variation to meet various requests.
  3. Low profile (H = 10.0mm max.).
Dimensions (Unit: mm) (LT MB)
(LT MB) Dimensions
(LT MB) Dimensions
Technical Characteristics (LT MB)
(LT MB) Characteristics
(LT MB) Characteristics
Nominal Center Frequency
(fo) (MHz)
3dB Band Width
(kHz) min
20dB Band Width
(kHz) max
Insert Loss
(dB) max
Spurious Attenuation
(dB) min
Impedance (Ω)
LT4.5MB 4.500 fo±60 530 6.0 20(4.5MHz) 1000
LT5.5MB 5.500 fo±75 550 6.0 25(5.5±1MHz) 600
LT6.0MB 6.000 fo±80 600 6.0 25(6.0±1MHz) 470
LT6.5MB 6.500 fo±80 630 6.0 25(6.5+1MHz)
Test Circuit (LT MB)
(LT MB) Test Circuit
(LT MB) Test Circuit
Order Codes (LT MB)
Part Number