Trap Filters 3.58 MHz ~ 6.5 MHz (XT MB)

DeMint (XT MB) for TV/VCR Stage is Murata Trap Filters TPS MB Compatible. DeMint Trap is employing piezoelectric technology's mechanical resonance, it is almost unaffected by the surrounding circuits, and its characteristics do not deviate when it is implanted in the printed circuit and no adjustment is required.

Utilize DeMint special piezoelectric materials, DeMint trap filters has a high Q compared with IFT and a high selectivity is obtained. It also has a remarkable frequency temperature coefficient, high selectivity and high stability.

In TV set, video signal is used in picture amplitude circuit after video signal detection block, ceramic resonator is insert here and trap circuit is formed in order to eliminate sound signal involved in video signal.

DeMint (XT MB) Series are band reject type used for video and sound IF attenuation. The 3 terminal XT MB Series contains 2 elements on one substrate for additional attenuation. XT MB Series can be used in the sound IF of CATV/VCR receivers.

The (XT MB) series is lead-free and RoHS compliant. DeMint will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information.
Download (XT MB) datasheet, PDF (317KB).

(XT MB) Trap Filter Quick Selection :
  1. Dimensions (Unit: mm): 10.0 max x 8.0 max x 4.0 max.
  2. XT3.58MB Cener Frequency f0:3.580MHz; 25db min @f0; 40(kHz)min@25dB Att BW
  3. XT4.43MB Cener Frequency f0:4.430MHz; 30db min @f0; 50(kHz)min@30dB Att BW
  4. XT4.5MB Cener Frequency f0:4.500MHz; 35db min @f0; 70(kHz)min@30dB Att BW
  5. XT5.5MB Cener Frequency f0:5.500MHz; 35db min @f0; 90(kHz)min@30dB Att BW
  6. XT5.74MB Cener Frequency f0:5.742MHz; 35db min @f0; 90(kHz)min@30dB Att BW
  7. XT6.5MB Cener Frequency f0:6.500MHz; 35db min @f0; 90(kHz)min@30dB Att BW
Dimensions (Unit: mm) (XT MB)
(XT MB) Dimensions
(XT MB) Dimensions
Characteristics (XT MB)
(XT MB) Characteristics
(XT MB) Characteristics
Part Number Center Frequency (fo1)(MHz) Attenuation (at fo1)(dB)min 30dB Attenuation BW (fo1)(kHz)min
XT3.58MB 3.580 25 40(25dB Att.BW)
XT4.43MB 4.430 30 50
XT4.5MB 4.500 35 70
XT5.5MB 5.500 35 90
XT5.74MB 5.742 35 90
XT6.0MB 6.000 35 90
XT6.5MB 6.500 35 90
Test Circuit (XT MB)
(XT MB) Test Circuit
(XT MB) Test Circuit
Order Codes (XT MB)
XT3.58MB P
Part Number