High Voltage Resistors

DIRECT offers rugged, reliable bulk, ceramic glaze glass type and custom design - to meet the extreme energy consumption requirements of the most demanding applications in input impedence, voltage dividing circuits. Low VCR & TCR also available.

Products extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications such as Image Intensifier, Ion Beam, Medical Gamma Cameras, Medical Blood Analysis, Medical Radiation Therapy, Ion Source, Lasers, Plasmas, Microwave, Nuclear Instrumentation, Pulse Generators, Military Radar, Electron Beam, Crt, X-Ray, Automated Test, Gas Chromatography, Ozone Generating, Electrophoresis.

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Thumbnail Type and Description
(HM) Non-magnetic Precision High-Value Chip Resistors
Token non-magnetic chip resistor (HM) series, applied to the field of medical high magnetic fields, such as electronic circuits located in magnetic resonance (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), or in the extreme environment of oil and gas industries, such as downhole instruments for oil wells, or flight control in aerospace applications.
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(HI80) Ultra-Precision High-Power High-Voltage Resistors
(HI80) family of high-voltage resistors includes conventional high-voltage resistors (HI80D), high-power high-voltage resistors (HI80P), and ultra-precision high-voltage resistors (HI80T).
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(HI80M) Tubular High Voltage Precision Divider Resistors
The Cylindrical (HI80M) divider features with voltage handling capability of up to 80 KVdc and has an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, wide resistance range 2MΩ to 1GΩ with Resistive Ratio R2/(R1+R2) 1:1000 to 1:20000, and power up to 41W.
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(HI82) Planar Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistors
This unique process has a specific resistance value in three sizes, HI82-30, HI82-40, and HI82-50. Resistance range from 1MΩ to 10TΩ, precision tolerance is 0.25% to 30% available, and the temperature coefficient is 25ppm to 1000ppm.
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(HI83) Thick Film Planar Dividers, High Voltage Resistors
The planar thick film divider resistor (HI83) provides stable performance over a wide range of resistance values with a voltage rating up to 35KV. The maximum resistance ratio is 1000: 1 (ratio greater than 1000: 1, such as 2000: 1, 4000: 1, and 5000: 1 is available on request) with a minimum resistance ratio of 40: 1.
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(RI80) Impulse High Voltage Resistors
Metal Glaze Impulse Resistor RI80 Series are able to absorb large amounts of energy at high voltage while remaining non-inductive. Ideal for: Capacitor crowbar circuits, Impulse voltage generators, Energy research, Pulse modulators, Radar Pulse-forming networks, High voltage snubber circuits, Arc furnace damping, X-ray/imaging equipment, and EMI/lightning supression.
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(RI82) Precision High Voltage Resistors
The High Voltage RI82 Precision Resistor use DeMint's proprietary thick film Metal Glaze resistive element and Serpentine Pattern Design which provides ideal cost efficient, stability, precision, non-Inductive, and high voltage characteristics for a wide range of measurement, voltage divider circuits, and control functions in high voltage power electronics applications.
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(RMCA, RMCB) High Voltage Ceramic Composition Resistors
DeMint's RMCA, RMCB Ceramic Composition Resistor now offers the industry a direct replacement carbon composition resistor based on a bulk resistive element comprising carbon in a ceramic filler. Due to the need for higher peak voltages, the RMCA, RMCB range is perfect for vehicle ignition system applications.
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(RMCC) Metal Ceramic Resistors
Following market demands, DeMint Electronics provided an extent of Bulk Ceramic Composition RMCA, RMCB Series to RMCC axail lead Metal Ceramic Resistor. The cap and lead assemblies are pressed onto the RMCC resistor core, finishing the resistor and providing rugged terminal attachment.
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(CCR) High pulse withstanding carbon composition resistor
Carbon composition resistor CCR series are excellent characteristic against high voltage surge current. Higher reliability for disconnection failure comparing to wirewound and film series.
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(RMCD) Ceramic Tubular High Voltage Resistors
This Ceramic Tubular Resistor RMCD offer higher average power dissipation while retaining the advantages of high surge energy, high voltage withstand, and non-inductance. It is especially useful in RF applications such as transmitters and modulators, where the tube configuration provides more effective convection cooling.
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(RY31A) High Voltage High Frequency Resistors
RY31A high voltage high frequency Resistor, with the inner and outer surfaces coated with a special glass, features higher thermal resistance oxide film and larger electric power capacity for the compact volume. Unlike conventional wire wound type, the volumetric resistance will provide superior stability versus frequency and excellent durability against transient voltage. RY31A is suitable for the application with large current as well as high frequency circuit.
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(RH1) Hermetic Hi-Meg Resistors
The RH1 Hermetic Hi-Meg Resistor is disclosed as being encapsulated in a glass tube, the enclosure being hermetically sealed to conductive caps mounted on the resistor ends. The metal glaze film of the resistance path of the resistor is protected from thermal damage during heat sealing by spacing the resistance path from the conductive caps and providing an electrical path there between in the form of an extended termination.
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(RI85) Power High Voltage Resistors
The RI85 Power High Voltage Resistor uses DeMint's proprietary thick film metal glaze resistive element and Serpentine Pattern Design which provides ideal cost efficient, stability, high power and high voltage characteristics for a wide range of measurement, voltage divider circuits, and control functions in high voltage power electronics applications.
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(NTK) Network High Voltage Dividers
By applying this technology to the low-profile Network High Voltage Divider, single-in-line package configuration, the Type (NTK) Custom SIP Resistor Voltage Divider Networks are available with a combination of features. which include: Low TCR 250 ppm/°C (100 ppm/°C or tighter upon request), operating temperature range -55°C ~ +125°C (higher temperature upon request), flat style, non-inductive, low noise, and also custom divider design.
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