Ultra Precision Resistors

DeMint Electronics offering Precision and Ultra Precision resistors has added tighter tolerance, improved temperature coefficients ratio tracking of ±5 PPM/°C and extended resistance range resistors in all lines for greater industry support.

Tolerance Precision up to 0.01% and temperature coefficients to 5ppm are now available in a variety of case sizes and on tape and reel for auto-handling. In addition to the standard E24, E96 & E192 resistance values, non-standards are possible. Full lines meet RoHS Directives, MIL-R-10509, MIL-R-55182, and other military grade.

Typical applications will include tester, measurement, sensor, transducer, and voltage cross-current regulation circuits and in many other applications that require precision feedback or dense packaging.

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(UPRNS) Serial Precision Resistor Network Voltage Divider
(UPRNS) Precision Serial Voltage Network Divider technology outperforms all other resistor technologies available today for applications that require high precision and high stability. This technology has been pioneered and developed by DeMint, and products based on this technology are the most suitable for a wide range of applications.
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(UPRND) Parallel Precision Resistor Network Voltage Divider
(UPRND) Parallel Voltage Divider Networks meet Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant. Known for providing design engineers with a comprehensive range of industrial-qualified resistive devices, DeMint Electronics has further expanded its precision product capabilities in Serial UPRNS and Parallel UPRND Series.
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(RJ) General Purpose Precision Resistor
The (RJ) Series Precision Metal Film Resistors are manufactured using vacuum sputtering system to deposit multiple layers of mixed metals and passivative materials onto a carefully treated high grade ceramic substrate, the resistors are coated with layers of blue lacquer.
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(RE) Ultra Precision Resistor Military Established
DeMint Metal Film Coated (RE) Series meets MIL-PRF-55182 and GJB244A-2001 quality standards, extreme stability, excellent reliability, and low temperature coefficient PPM.
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(RN) Mold Military-Qualified Precision Resistor
(RN) precision military established resistor is strictly controlled and follows an extensive set of instructions established for reproducibility. A homogeneous film of metal alloy is deposited on a high grade ceramic body and conditioned to achieve the desired temperature stability.
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(NE) Low Ohmic Ultra Precision Resistors
A homogenous film of metal alloy is deposited on a high grade ceramic body. After a helical groove has been cut in the resistive layer, tinned connecting wires of electrolytic copper are welded to the end-caps. DeMint has complete capability to develop specific reliability programs designed to customer requirements. Low resistance resistors equate Vishay, Ohmite, Caddock, IRC, EBG, KOA, Panasonic ultra precision devices with more competitive price and fast delivery.
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(EE) Low TCR High Precision Resistors
Known for providing design engineers with a comprehensive range of military-qualified resistive precision devices, DeMint Electronics Advanced Metal Film has further expanded its military product capabilities. These cost-effective high precision moulding low TCR resistor meets ROHS requirements, MIL-PRF-55182, and GJB244A-2001 quality standards.
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(UAR) Low Noise Precision Resistors
The low noise (UAR) resistor represents a significant technical advancement in resistive technology, combining low temperature coefficients with high environmental stabilities, and high frequency performance. The UAR range effectively bridges the gap that has hitherto existed between the high precision, high stability networks or wirewound technology and conventional film technology.
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(UPR) Wider Ohmic Range Precision Network Resistors
Providing design engineers with an economical means of creating precision voltage dividers and set accurate amplifier gains for a wide range of applications, DeMint Electronics is offering its series of precision thin-film resistor networks. Constructed with DeMint EE/RE 1/10 series to form a stable, high precision, and low temperature coefficient network resistors., the networks are protected from moisture by a proprietary passivation material.
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(UPSC) Compact Size Precision Resistor Networks
The thin-film precision compact size networks also can be designed with custom schematics to meet individual customer specifications. The networks provide excellent resistor precision and accuracy with resistor tolerances to ±0.01%. They have TCR values to ±2ppm/°C, providing superior performance over the military temperature range.
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