Chip Phototransistors, SMD Ambient Light Sensors

DeMint light sensors taking the advantage of temperature compensation internal process on the chip, features fast response speed and stable performance, good batch consistency, small static current, compliant with EU RoHS standards.

SMD Phototransistor (Infrared-Blocking)

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PT-B1-DC-0603-940 SMD Infrared Receiving Light Sensor
The (PT-B1-DC-0603-940) surface mounted infrared receiving light sensor features fast response speed, stable performance, low current loss in static, and anti-strong light interference.
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PT-IC-BC-3528-550 Chip Ambient Light Sensor
The (PT-IC-AC-3528-520) is a high-precision environment-friendly ambient light sensor. Optical IC with spectral response close to human eye sensitivity. Control all kinds of optical control video control toys and All kinds of optical control infrared testing equipment.
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SMD Phototransistor (Non Infrared-Blocking)

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PT-A8-AC-1206-850 Chip Phototransistor, RoHS Compliant
Chip phototransistors are silicon monolithic circuits with an integrated light-sensitive semiconductor photodiode — a PN junction which converts light into an electrical signal. Suitable for ultra-thin and multi-point infrared touch screen, replace the traditional CDs resistance.
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PT-IC-AC-3528-520 Chip Ambient Light Sensor
Ambient light sensors mimic the human eye with peak wavelength 520nm and 520nm, anti-infrared interference. Fast response speed and stable performance, Good batch consistency, Small static current.
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PT-A1-AC-3528-850 SMD Ambient Light Sensor
The (PTA1AC3528-850) is a sensor with near the human eye that measures the intensity of visible light. Suitable for all kinds of high illumination or visible light interference strong products, automatic adjustment background light.
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