Through Hole Inductors

DeMint Electronics, a world leading innovator in electronics manufactures a full line of inductor, colis, magnetic products, which includes the most extensive offering of surface mount and lead type inductors. These devices are used in a wide variety of applications in a wide range of markets including networking, telecom, computers, switching power supply, and peripherals.

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(TCRCS) EMI Line Filters
Power choke inductors (TCRCS) are optimized for removing high-frequency noise in power supply. Prepareing small types for mobile devices and higher-power types, customer can select the most suitable product with the appropriate inductance and rated current.
(TCDY) EMI Line Filters
The Nickel Core Integrated Inductor (TCDY) measure high current rating up to DC 40 Amp., frequency high up to 1.0MHz with low DC resistance. Three compact sizes are available, 8.2mm x 8.2mm, 10.2mm x 10.2mm, 和 12.5mm x 12.5mm.
(TCDU) EMI Line Filters
An integrated circuit structure is provided with (TCDU) inductor formed of a high magnetic susceptibility nickel metal core coil. The Nickel Core Integrated Inductor (TCDU) measure high current rating up to DC 33 Amp., frequency high up to 1.0MHz with low DC resistance.
(TCUU) EMI Line Filters
The (TCUU) series is designed to reduce stray capacity between windings by using a single-layer coil and two sections bobbin construction on high permeability ferrite core, which offer excellent high frequency characteristics.
(TCAL) Fixed Inductors
DeMint highly efficient automated production processes offer a full range of high-quality inductors products suitable for automatic plug-in operation. The (TCAL) provides 0204,0307,0410, and 0510 size varieties of different forming, such as Normal & Short Form, F Forming, U Forming, Pana Forming, and bulk products to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturing methods.
(TCDA) Large Current Power Inductors
Technology of Diagonal Through Hole High Current Power Inductors (TCDA) Design. DeMint's TCDA Large Current Series power inductors feature with high current, low DC resistance, high frequency, easy heat dissipation, and high reliability advantages.
(TCRB) Radial Choke Coils
Radial High Rated Current Chokes with open magnetic circuit construction design makes better TCR. DeMint TCRB series structure with open magnetic circuit construction design and protect by UL or PVC Heat-shrinkable tube.
(TCRC) Radial Choke Inductors
Power Choke Coil Inductors limit the alternating current through the chokes. The power choke (TCRC) is idael for notebook computers, inkjet printers, photocopying machines, display monitors, mobile phones, broadband modems.
(TCRS) Radial Choke Shielded Inductors
Radial choke coil shielded construction design for higher frequency. The TCRS is idael for notebook computers, inkjet printers, photocopying machines, color TV, VCR, camera, microwave ovens, display monitors, mobile phones, broadband modems.
(TC1213) Power Wirewound Inductors
DeMint Develops High-Efficiency Coiled Power Inductors with Large Current and Low DCR. DeMint has announced a wire-wound power inductor designed for use in the Mother Board of PC and Notebook and various other power devices. The TC1213, measures only 14.0 x 14.5 mm, with a maximum height of 9.5 mm.
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(TCAC) Air Core Coils, Spring Inductors
DeMint will do any custom coil windings of Air Coils (Spring Coils) for you. DeMint manufactures all types of air coil inductors. Air Core Coils' another name is Spring Coils. DeMint's Air Core Coil (TCAC) Series has advantages of free from iron losses, non-linearity, single layer coils structure, low self-capacitance, and self-resonant frequency.
(TCTC) Vertical base mounted Toroidal
Low Loss Powdered Iron Cores, Low EMI, High Current Toroidal Inductors. DeMint's (TCTC) high current Toroidal Series manufactured by Low loss powdered iron cores offer the smallest size by volume and weight, and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI). DeMint toroidal can have higher Q factors and higher inductance than similarly constructed solenoid coils.
Through Hole Chokes and Inductors (TCPC)
The TCPC features with small size, high Q value, low cost, high self-resonance frequency, high availability of a large induced current, small magnetic flux leakage.
(TCFB) Inductor Ferrite Beads
Ferrite bead is a kind of anti-jamming applications the fastest growing components, cheap, easy to use, filtering high-frequency noise were improved significantly. Ferrite beads commonly used in filtering and electromagnetic noise reduction, DeMint's Ferrite Beads TCFB series manufactured by using iron, nickel, zinc oxide mixture made with high resistivity and high magnetic permeability.
(TCWB) Wide Band Chokes
Excellent EMI Suppression Capability Wide Band Choke Coils (Inductor Filter). DeMint's TCWB series use of insulation between the coil core winding method. To ensure that the transient over-voltage under the action of short circuit breakdown does not occur. And when the instantaneous high currents flowing through the coil, the core is not saturated.