MELF Resistors

MELF is the acronym for Metal Electrode Leadless Face - a leadless cylindrical component that is metallized on two ends. It is designed majorly as a SMD (Surface Mounting Device) component. Since manufacturing process of MELF resistor is more complex than flat-chip resistor, MELF resistor has its own advantages over flat-chip type.

DIRECT Passive Electronics offers MELF resistors including ultra precision, high pulse load, and common type with more stability, moisture proof, low TCR, compacted size. Full lines meet RoHS Directives, MIL-R-10509, MIL-R-55182, and other military grade.

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(RFM) Non-Inductive Melf for High Frequency Application
RFM series, resistance range (25Ω to 200Ω), tolerance range (±0.5% to ±5.0%), power dissipation rating at 70°C up to 0.75W, small size. They are the perfect choice in high frequency circuit designs where the parasitic inductance of regular, helical trimmed resistors can not be accepted, but where also pulse energies apply. Typical applications are in the fields of telecommunication equipment and industrial electronics.
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(RJM) Metal Film Melf for Precision Application
RJM series come with advanced thin film technology, low TCR (lower than ±5PPM/°C), tolerance up to ±0.05%, power dissipation rating up to 5W, excellent overall stability (class 0.10), and wide resistance range (0.1Ω to 22MΩ). RJM resistors combine the proven reliability of professional MELF products with a most advanced level of precision and stability first achieved with axial thin film high precision resistors.
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(RDM) Carbon Film Melf for General Purpose Use
Commercial grade low power carbon film resistors offer high quality performance for applications that do not require surge protection or precision tolerances. Providing design engineers with an economical power resistor with high quality performance, DeMint Electronics now offers commercial grade low power carbon film resistors. Designated the RDM Series, the conformally coated resistors offer high quality performance for applications that do not require surge protection or precision tolerances.
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(RGM) Metal Glaze Film Melf for Pulse Load Application
RGM series features advanced metal glaze film technology and provides high pulse loading capability, excellent anti-surge performance, wide resistance range (50kΩ to 1GΩ), tolerance up to ±0.5%, power dissipation rating at 70°C up to 3W. The RGM Anti-Surge Melf Series feature metal caps fitted on the terminals of the cylindrical resistor body to give the devices exceptional thermal compliance.
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(RMCA, RMCB) Ceramic Melf for High Voltage Application
The RMCA, RMCB Series MELF type of fixed ceramic resistors from DeMint Electronics offers automotive designers a compact solution for applications involving high voltages, surges, high peak power, or high-energy pulses. They offer enhanced performance in R-C snubber circuits, high voltage power supplies, and inrush limiters.
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