Power Wirewound Resistors

DeMint's new flat core winding technology allows for wirewound heatsinkable resistors affording a very low profile, and superior thermal transfer characteristics when compared to conventional aluminum housed type.

Applications for electrical industry range from large capacity metal clad, nonflammable fixed wirewound, nonflammable wave shape ribbon, slide type wirewound, box type, wirewound starter, to nonflammable flat wirewound type.

DeMint extends a complete line for both military and commercial applications.

POWER WIREWOUND RESISTORS PDF - Download Entire Power Resistor Catalogue.

Fixed Wirewound

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(DR) Smooth Wirewound Tubular Power Resistors
DeMint power smooth-wound resistor is designed and built to meet the most demanding mechanical and electrical requirements in the industry. They are constructed of a ni-chrome or stainless steel wire alloy wound on a porcelain tube. The element is then covered with a non-flammable refractory cement coating either with or without a silica sand additive in high temperature. The coating aids in dissipating heat, elevating the permissible watt rating. Due to DeMint excellent winding technolgy applied , many taps can be added, impedance is low and the shape can be altered to produce many types.
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(DQ) Wave-Shape Ribbon-Wound Power Resistor
Power Wave-Shape Ribbon-Wound Resistor supports the use of numerous taps, has low impedance, and can be fabricated in various shapes to support a wide range of applications. The Power Ribwound DQ Series is suitable as educational modeling resistor, load testing resistor, industrial machinery resistors, electric power distribution resistors, instruments, automation control installations.
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(DRE) High current Round Edgewound Resistors
DeMint (DRE) Round Edgewound Resistor is a versatile, heavy-duty unit with lightweight construction, consisting of a non-corrodible, high quality stainless steel alloy. This tough resistor is appropriate for the following applications: VFD braking, motor control, load banks and neutral grounding applications.
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(DOE) Power Oval Edge-Wound High Current Resistor
DeMint DOE high current resistor is commonly used as a dynamic braking resistor on Transit applications. Built to perform in rugged environments, they feature corrosion resistant stainless steel insulator supports, solid nickel terminals, and special electroless nickel-plated solid copper terminal supports.
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(ZR) Power Wire Wound Flat Stackable Resistors
When limited space is a consideration, choose DeMint China's ZR "thin" stackable resistors. Industry standard size allows for easy drop-in replacement of other brands including Milwaukee, Ohmite. ZR flat resistors are suitable for educational modeling applications, load resistor testing, industrial machinery, electric distribution resistors, instruments, automation control installations, etc.
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(DST) Tubular Round Edge-Wound Power Resistor
This power edge-wound resistor is high temperature-resistant, dissipates heat well, has a low temperature coefficient that varies in direct proportion, and the tubular resistor is suitable for application loads involving brief current surges.
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Chamber & Grid Box

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(RNW) Power Load Bank Resistor Chamber
DeMint Electronics produces various kinds power load bank of resistor chamber which can be used for any resistor unit, chamber AC or DC power application. Units are most commonly used as motor acceleration resistors and braking resistors, load bank resistor, harmonic filtering resistor, and neutral grounding resistors.
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(BOX) Grid Box High Voltage Resistor Enclosure
Sizes up to 4800 watts are available for shipment depending on the resistance value required. DeMint engineering staff can assist customers in meeting their design needs. Our production capabilities allow us to design and manufacturer some of the most unique high voltage resistor packages offered.
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Aluminum Encased

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(AH) Aluminum Chassis Heat Sinkable Precision Resistors
DeMint Electronics aluminum chassis mount resistor is designed for maximum heat dissipation mounting solidly to metal chassis surface for maximum heat transfer. AH series are outstanding for their high power dissipation with precision tolerances in minimum physical sizes.
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(AHL) Aluminum Encased Precision Heat Sinkable Resistor
AHL is a high-performance axial-terminal heat sinkable resistor with flexible connections. These molded-construction aluminum encased resistors are available in higher power ratings than standard axial-terminal resistors and are better suited to withstanding vibration, shock and harsh environmental conditions.
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(AL) Low Profile Aluminum Encased Heat Sinkable Resistors
DeMint's flat core winding technology allows for heat sinkable aluminum housed resistors affording a very low profile, and superior thermal transfer characteristics when compared to conventional wirewound type.
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Power Wirewound Mica Flat Resistors (ASM) Series
DeMint has introduced a new line of high-power, high-current mica flat resistors (ASM) in standard planar bank sizes.
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Adjustable Wirewound

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(FVR) C-Shaped Rheostat Power Variable Resistor
Variable Resistors are often called potentiometers in books and catalogues. Variable FVR may be used as a rheostat with two connections (the wiper and just one end of the track) or as a potentiometer with all three connections in use. DeMint's Power Variable Resistor FVR Series is a C-shaped ceramic rod and wound with copper or chromium-alloy wire as a resistance element.
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(BSR, BSQ) Slide Rotary Resistor Enclosure
DeMint's high current slide rotary resistor (BSR, BSQ) is one-of-a-kind enclosure application to hundreds of enclosures per mount housing various resistor packages. Our engineering staff can assist the customer in meeting their unique design needs.
Download BSR,BSQ PDF
(DQS) Rib-Wound Power Adjustable Resistors
Rib-Wound adjustable resistors have been a main product line at DeMint Electronics for years. (DQS) is particularly useful where high energy is to be dissipated in the lower ohmic ranges and high power capacity. Precision winding design, provide uniform windings to be applied extremely close to each other resulting in significantly higher resistance values.
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(DRS) Smooth Wound Power Adjustable Resistors
Choose DeMint's adjustable power smooth-wound resistor (DRS) for applications requiring settings at different resistance values. These smooth-wound resistors are equipped with an adjustable lug, making them ideal for adjusting circuits, obtaining unique resistance values and setting equipment to meet various line voltages.
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Application Notes

Assembly and Mounting Methods of Industrial Resistors
Mounting methods include: N-No mount, G-Horizontal mount, Z-Vertical mount, and C-Clip mount. Mounting hardware set includes L-brackets, centering washers, mica washers, thru-bolts and fasteners. These may be ordered as kit packs, loose, or assembled to resistors.
Assembly Method - PDF