Commercial Resistors

DeMint Electronics manufacturers a broad line of resistor passive components that will ensure the optimum performance of your circuit design. Advance manufacturing facilities are poised to ramp up with new designs, allowing us to take them to market with the shortest of lead times with more cheaper price.

General Purpose resistors Include from single chip SMD, to more complex arrays and networks. Fixed linear technologies include fusible, anti-surge power, wirewound, metal film, metal oxide, carbon film, non-inductive wirewound, cement type, and thick film resistors.

DIRECT also extends a complete line for both military and commercial applications and meets RoHS Directives.

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General Purpose Resistors

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(FMF) Power Metal Film Flame-Proof Resistor (FMF) Power Metal Film Flame-Proof Resistor
The power of Flame-Proof Resistor (FMF) is rated at 1/4, 1/2WS, 1/2W, 1W, 2WS, 2W, 3WS, 3W, 5WS, 5W, and 7WS respectively. Standard values from 0.1Ω to 10MΩ are available, E24, E-96, and E-192 nominal standard series provides adequate "‘close value match" choice for designers.
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(RCR) Pulse Load Anti-Surge Resistors
Anti-surge resistor RCR series are made by metal glaze coating on the surface of a cylindrical substrate with excellent characteristics and stable at even high resistance range.
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(CCR) Carbon Composition Resistors
Carbon composition resistor CCR series are excellent characteristic against high voltage surge current. Higher reliability for disconnection failure comparing to wirewound and film series.
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(PGM) Light Dependent resistors / CdS Photoresistor
The cadmium sulfide (CdS) or light dependent resistor (LDR) whose resistance is inversly dependent on the amount of light falling on it, is known by many names including the photo resistor, photoresistor, photoconductor, photoconductive cell, or simply the photocell.
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(CF) Carbon Film Resistors
Carbon film CF series are the earliest and a still popular type made by breaking down hydrocarbon gases at high temperature in a vacuum to form a carbonic deposit on the surface of a cylindrical substrate.
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(RSS, RSN) Metal Oxide Resistors
Utilising a flameproof protection system to eliminate flame during fusing – Flame Brake. Metal oxide resistor has proved very effective in RCD (Residual Current Device) or GFD (Ground Fault Detector) protection circuits, due to their energy handling capabilities and overload withstand ability.
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(SQ) Thermal Dissipation Ceramic Housed Resistors
Ceramic Cement (SQP, SQM, SQT, SQH, SQZ) resistors are made by winding resistance wires around non-alkaline ceramic core or metal oxide film rod, which is added with a layer of heat and humidity resistant and non-corrosive protective material.
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(MF) Precision Resistors
DeMint offers a low-cost alternative commercial metal film resistor for precision applications. The MF series offers tight tolerances and low TCRs over a wide resistance range and are suitable for applications where long-term stability is paramount.
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(ZO, JW) Jumper Wire and Zero Ohm Resistors
Jumper wire (JW) and zero ohm resistors (ZO) are developed for the interconnection device Between points on a P.C. Board as jumper wires or Crossovers.
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Wire Wound Resistors

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Long Lead Wirewound Enameled Resistors (DRB16) Long Lead Wirewound Enameled Resistors
DeMint Electonics provides (DRB16) Long Lead Wirewound Enameled Resistor. Long leads give two types of installation in vertical and horizontal leads with competitive prices.
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Vitreous Enameled Power Wirewound Resistors (DRB20) Vitreous Enameled Power Wirewound Resistors
Be glazed coating protection, not afraid of external mechanical strength and dust environment. Tubular series power-glaze wire wound resistor (DRB20) widely used as brake resistors, bleeder resistors, aging resistors, brake resistors.
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(KNP-R) Power Resistors
Power precision wirewound resistor (KNP-R) meeting MIL-R-26E (U and V characteristics) and surface temperature (hot spot) 375°C max. KNP-R with a wide range of 0.01Ω ~ 82kΩ, covering applications from precision to power.
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(KNP-VE/LF) RoHS Vitreous Enamel Coated Resistor
Vitreous enamel coated wirewound resistor KNP-VE/LF series, the element assembly is then protected by a coating or enclosure of vitreous enamel.
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(BWW) High Precision Wirewound Resistors
The new BWW series moulded axial leaded wirewound resistor from DeMint use high-purity alumina ceramic cores with wire winding which are spot welded by precision CNC machine tools to ensure total operational consistency throughout. Meets the standards of MIL-R-93.
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(KNP) Wire Wound Resistors
The KNP series has been designed to give enhanced pulse handling capability and increased flameproof protection. The series is RoHS compliant with Pb-free terminations, and KNP wire-wound series can also be supplied with radial, goalpost or lancet preformed leads.
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(KNPN) Wire-Wound Non-Inductive Resistors
The KNPN series offers the expected performance of a wire wound non-inductive resistor with the added characteristic of vastly improved inductance, making it suitable for high-switching applications.
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Fusible Resistors

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(FKU, FRU) Thermal Cut-offs Resistors
FKU, FRU series construct of cement resistor with thermal cut-offs fuse have to be specially selected to fail only under specific conditions of temperature and duration. This device has specially sharp fusing characteristics, low cost and easy handling for one box type, space saving type, excellent anti-surge characteristics.
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(FRN) Thin-Film Fusible Resistors
Utilising a specially designed coating system formulated to aid fusing under fault conditions – Fuse Aid. Designers of small power supplies and battery chargers for consumer products can benefit from a fusible resistor with superior lightning strike and pulse abilities in a cost effective package.
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(FKN) Wirewound Fuse Resistor - Fusible
Wirewound FKN fuse resistor is fusible and designed to meet where applications require high power dissipation. This device meets the requirements to withstand an inrush surge, and also a lightning strike, which is the ability of the resistor to fuse safely should a short circuit occur (for example if the bridge rectifier were to fail short circuit).
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(FSQ) Ceramic Cement Fusing Resistor
FSQ ceramic cement fusing resistors are designed to meet where applications require high thermal dissipation. FSQ and FKN series often with special features to meet specific application requirements. Both of these parts have defined energy handling capabilities. Special versions can be produced to withstand customer defined pulses and/or to fuse during defined conditions of overload.
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