Low Ohmic Current Sense Resistors

DeMint Electronics that provides super low resistance (2mΩ ~) and suitable for high power AC/DC detection of power supply circuit. All low ohmic power type are non-inductive type and custom-made products.

Comply with RoHS Certificates. Please contact Sales of DeMint Electronics for more information.

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Low Ohm Chip

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Current Sensing Metal Chip Resistors (CSM) Current Sensing Metal Chip Resistors (CSM)
DeMint (CSM) provides high performance and reliability over the entire operating temperature range, with a small enclosure size and high power rating compared to standard current sense resistors. Resistance value starts at 1mΩ and goes to 700mΩ
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Chip Alloy Current Shunt Resistors (FLM) Chip Alloy Current Shunt Resistors (FLM)
DeMint Electronics equipped with (FLM) alloy shunt on its current sensing surface mount devices. It adopts the design of folding terminals outward and inward. Nickel-copper or manganese-copper alloy stamping is used to maintain the superior electrical characteristics of the surface mounting structure. It has the characteristics of pulse resistance and high precision.
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Large Current Sense Resistor Power Shunts (FLP) Large Current Sense Resistor Power Shunts (FLP)
Metal Plate FLP shunts can withstand higher current load than traditional resistors and surface mount resistors. Its power can reach 3W~70W, temperature coefficient ±50ppm/ °C, ±100ppm/ °C, inductance is less than 10 nH, resistance is as low as 0.00005Ω, tolerance accuracy ±1%, ±2%, and ±5%, and overcurrent capacity can reach 100A~600A.
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(LREA) AEC-Q200 Metal Alloy High Power Resistors (LREA) AEC-Q200 Metal Alloy High Power Resistors/a>
DeMint Electronics AEC-Q200 current sensing resistor (LREA) offer excellent stability, high power, small size, excellent heat dissipation and high solder-joint reliability which make them excellent for design into Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Automatic and Continuously Variable Transmission systems and other vehicle power applications.
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(LRE) Metal Strip Low Value Chip Resistors (LRE) Metal Strip Low Value Chip Resistors
DeMint (LRE) series enable a wide range of design options and flexibility allows designers to specify the resistance value and tolerance that their circuits require, instead of designing their circuits to the resistance values available. At the same time, DeMint Electronics also offers AEC-Q200 Automotive Grade (LREA) specifications by extending (LRE) series for vehicle applications.
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(LRF) 4-Terminal Connection Kelvin Current Sensing Chips (LRF) 4-Terminal Connection Kelvin Current Sensing Chips
DeMint extends its surface-mount current sensing series with (LRF). This 4-terminal connection Kelvin chip resistor derivative in 1/2 watt and 1 watt package sizes. TCR down to 150ppm and enables tight tolerances down to 1% for increased measurement accuracy. DeMint LRF0612 combines tight tolerance and low TCR with extremely low resistance values down to 0.5mΩ in the compact 0612 case size.
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(LRJ) Metal Alloy Zero Ohm Jumper Chips (LRJ) Metal Alloy Zero Ohm Jumper Chips
Five jumpers for the different resistor chip sizes are provided a wide range of standard dimensions 1206, 2512, 2817, 2725, and 4527 to make ease of designs along with footprint template compatibility. These true metal alloy strip zero ohm chips (LRJ) make options with a lot less space and cost than DIP switches and jumper headers.
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(LRC) Metal Strip Chip Current Sense Resistor
Providing design engineers with an economical low ohmic value, current sense metal strip chip resistor with high quality performance, DeMint Electronics LRC Series is suitable for applications in the automotive sector for applications that require high power handling (Up to 3W) and low resistance 0.5mΩ.
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(LRS) Current Sensing Power Shunts
Designed specifically for high current applications LRS, the power can reach 3W, 5W, 6W, and 7W. The range of ultra-low resistance is from 0.1mΩ to 6mΩ. There are many options in selecting precision tolerances (±1%, ±2%, ±5%). Two types of chip dimensions are available: standard size 2512, 3920, and 5930; special size 3921, 4026, 4527, and 5931.
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(LRN) Chip Weld Precision Resistors
For the development of current detection and shunting applications, DeMint's high current shunt (LRN) adopts the welding structure of Manganin and KAMAR (NiCr20AlSi) precision resistance alloys. The spacing standard design makes it easy for surface mounting, reflow soldering, and suitable for current sensing and shunting applications.
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(CS) Thick Film Chip Current Detecting Resistor
Designed for current detecting resistors in power electronic systems, the fully RoHS compliant CS series is suitable for a range of applications including the monitoring of power usage and battery life; and provision of output protection for power supplies; as well as for a range of consumer and automotive products such as satellite navigation, handheld PDAs and digital set-top boxes.
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(TCS) Thin Film Chip Current Sensing Precision Resistor
The trend towards smaller handheld and portable electronics equipment has also increased the need for ultra small current sensing thin film resistors. Devices from the DeMint Electronics' TCS series use a thin film construction that enables them to achieve precision resistance tolerances, low noise and long-term stability.
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(LRM) Metal Strip Low Ohm Power Chip Resistor
(LRM) Design for applications that require a wide range power handling from 1/8W up to 3W and low resistance values from 1mΩ to 100mΩ and come with a range of advantages including a wide temperature range and a varied choice of wide range package sizes 0805, 1206, 2010, and 2512.
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(LRP) Metal Strip chip high Power Low Ohmic Resistor
(LRP) is aiming for very high power-to-footprint size ratio, excellent frequency response and very low inductance in a solid metal nickel-chrome or manganese-copper allow resistive element with low resistance values from 7mΩ to 100mΩ.
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Open-Air Current Shunts

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(FLH) Four-terminal Alloy Shunt Resistors (FLH) Four-terminal Alloy Shunt Resistors
Kelvin four-terminal resistors are used to ensure that the current acts on two opposite terminals and to measure the detection voltage of the other two terminals, thereby reducing the influence of resistance and temperature coefficient between terminals and obtaining more accurate current measurements.
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(FLU) Alloy Sampling Shunt Current Sensing Resistors
The (FLU) offers a higher current load than conventional axial resistors and SMD resistors, with a wide range pitch of radial pins to choose from. Its rated power can be up to 1W ~7W, temperature coefficient as low as ±40ppm/°C, resistance tolerance accuracy ±1%, ±2%, and ±5%, resistance range as low as 0.1mΩ to 10mΩ.
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(LRA) Precision Low Ohmic Resistor
The LRA Low Ohmic Resistor is designed for applications requiring the transfer of heat away from circuits and solder joints. Available in 0.5W, 1W, and 1.5W rating, the resistor is being specified for current sensing, feedback, current detective, supper low inductance, as well as surge and pulse applications.
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(LRB) Low Ohmic Open Air Resistor
Developed for current sensing and shunt applications, DeMint's LRB Shunts of bare element open air resistors have a Ni-Cu alloys element, copper-clad steel leads and welded construction. Built-in stand-offs and standard spacings make for easy mounting. Customer can specify resistance range designed to satisfy challenging and specific technical requirements.
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(OAR) Open Air Metal Alloy Current Sense Resistor
The OAR devices with increased height improve cooling efficiency, and because many power supply designs are already tightly-packed at the PC board level, the additional height does not create any profile issues. The OAR series resistors feature a reduced pitch, or spacing between the leads on the circuit board with a corresponding increase in the board mounted profile.
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(FL) Current Shunt Resistors
A wide range of precision shunts, designed for use with kilowatt-hour meters and other high-current applications where a high level of accuracy is required, is now available from DeMint Electronics. Precision current shunts are low resistance resistors used to measure AC or DC electrical currents by the voltage drop those currents create across the resistance. Sometimes called an ammeter shunt, it is a type of current sensor.
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(FLW) Large Current Electron Beam Welding Precision Shunts (FLW) Electron Beam Welding Precision Current Shunts
Large Current Electron Beam Welding Precision Shunt is a new Bus-Bar Battery Shunt resistor that has rated voltage drop 75 mV capability with 1.5 mΩ to 0.075 mΩ. Specifically, it is possible to output 75 mV from the voltage terminal with a current from 50 A to 1000 A with precision ±0.5% and ±1% tolerance in option.
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(LSQ) 4-Terminal Current Sensing Resistor
Providing ultralow resistance values (to 0.01 ohm) for relatively high current requirements, new four-terminal cement filling resistors from DeMint combine the advantages of a Kelvin configuration with PC board mounting capability. The Kelvin (or four-terminal) configuration enables current to be applied through two opposite terminals and a sensing voltage to be measured across the other two terminals, eliminating the resistance and temperature coefficient of the terminals for a more accurate current measurement.
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(LRD) 4-Lead Resistor Kelvin Connection
Always preferred in current sense applications, DeMint's Kelvin LRD Four Lead Resistor range is available in the 1W, 3W, 5W, 7W and 10W packages, resistance values down to 0.001 ohm, with tolerances as tight as 0.50% and TCRs of 50ppm standard.
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(LPS) Kelvin Current Sense Resistor
DeMint's current sense LPS family for shunt-resistors is expected to gain wide acceptance in the worldwide market as a result of offering a variety of possibilities. The U-shaped semi-customized LPS family for direct board mounting is specified for current sensing, feedback, current detective, supper low inductance, as well as surge and pulse applications.
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Axial Current Sense

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(BWL) Power Low Resistance Resistor
Products in the economical, low-inductance BWL series are axial leads with high temperature mold compound, making them well-suited to the industry trend and are ideal for all types of current sensing applications including switching and linear power supplies, instruments and power amplifiers
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