DeMint Electronics is founded by Token which has been an industry leader dedication to the manufacturing of electronic components and automatic production systems since 1983.

By the years experience in developing the "State of Art" production facilities, we have successfully applied the updated technology in a completed product line of manufacturing of passive components and achieved a good reputation in mass production of high quality products.

Our comprehensive experience and our advanced facilities in manufacturing of electronic components furnish us the expertise to supply consistent service and the highest quality products to comply with your specified requirements.
Company Name : DeMint Electronics Co., Ltd.
Company Address : 17P, Nanyuan Maple Leaf Bldg., Nanshan Ave., Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518054, China.
Capital : HK$ 1,000,000
Established From : November 10, 2001
Referring Bank : China Merchants Bank Nanyou Subbranch, H.O. Shenzhen, China.
Name: DeMint Electronics Co., Ltd.
Tel: 86 755 26055363
Account No.: 755960728332106
Honesty is our business policy.
Perfection is our quality system.
Sharing cost saving with customers is our business target.

With years of experience, we supply every customer with first class quality and service.

Our production and testing processes meet JIS standards, because the whole thing is monitored step by step. Our strong research and develoption ensures that you have access to the latest technology, and our prompt responsetime within 24 hours means that you can count on excellent service.

Competitive prices and guaranteed delivery are just part of the package.

Contact us now for the answer to your needs.
  November, 2001
Opened DeMint Electronics Co., Ltd. (Formerly, Direct Electronics Tech. Co., Ltd. )(Shen-Zhen), functions Logistics, IPO and Research Center.
  August, 1999
Apoint Spectrum Rep Company as Token's Representive. 31368 Via Colinas, #101, Westlake Village, CA 91361.
  July, 1999
Apoint Arti Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. as Token's Turkey Distributor and Representive. Atakoy 7-8 Kisim Gazi Sitesi 1-16 A D:2 Bakirkoy - Istanbul Turkey.
  November, 1996
Opened Shen-Zhen Plant in Main Land China to manufacture Carbon Film Resistors, Cement-Type Resistors, Metal Oxide Film Resistors, Precision Metal Film Resistors, Fusible Resistors, wirewound Resistors, Zero Ohm Resistors, and Jumper Wires Resistors. A1, Tang Tou Industry, Baoan Count, Shen-Zhen City, China.
  June, 1991
Join venture with Zhangjiagang Caiqin Electronic Element Co., Ltd. in Mainland China to manufacture Ceramic Filter and Ceramic Resonator.
  October, 1989
Opened Hong Kong Trading Department Flat 9, 25/F., Mega Trade Center, No. 1-6 Mei Wan St., Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong.
  June, 1988
Opened China Chia Plant, focus on Cement-Type Resistors production. No.55-4, Sa-Lun, Chung Sa Tsum, an Ting Shiang, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C.
  May, 1986
Token automated manufacturing facilities and producing Metal Oxide Film Resistors, Precision Metal Film Resistors, Fusible Resistors, wirewound Resistors, Zero Ohm Resistors, and Jumper Wire Resistors.
  March, 1984
Token began to manufacture raw material of Carbonized and Metabolized Ceramic Resistor Rods.
  July, 1983
Token established and started manufacturing electronic components of Carbon Film and Cement-Type Resistors.

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Transfer Multisort Elektronik (TME)
ul. Ustronna 41, 93-350 Lodz, Polska. Kapital zakladowy: 3.300.000 ZL.
Phone: +48 42 645 55 91
Fax: +48 507 402 557
APC Technologies
DSM-153, 1st Floor, DLF Towers, Shivaji Marg, New Delhi-110015 India.
Tel: +91 9899411271; +91 9811228478
BEC Distribution Ltd
Unit 3, 20 Park Street Business Centre, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, UK. HP27 9AH
Phone: +44(0)845 4900 405
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St. Cajetan StraBe 20, 81669 Munch, Germany
Phone: 089 / 49 60 89
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Doolhoflaan 17 B-2640 Mortsel Belgium
Phone: +32 3448 1976
Fax: +32 3448 1195
25, rue Alfred Nobel, 77420 Champs sur Marne, FRANCE.
Phone: +33 1 64618615
Fax: +33 1 64618616
Wanted: Representative and Distributor
Contact: Mr. Yang
Phone: 886 2 2981 0109 ext 30
Fax: 886 2 2988 7487
Yoav Simantov Electronic Ltd.
14 Shenkar St, Kiryat-Arie, Petach-Tikva 49002 Israel.
Phone: +972-3-9215005
Fax: +972-3-9216171
Standard In Charge Unit Data Sheet Flow Chart
Contract Review Standard All Unit Quality Policy
Sales, Customer Phone, Fax Contract Review Customer Requirement
Sales Contract/PO Acceptance
Trial Standard
Manufacturing Process Order Trial Run
QC Insp. Report Insp.
Approval Standard Process. QC Prepare Spec. Trial Out Approving
General Manager
Sales, Customer Customer Spec. Inspection Approval
Purchasing Standard Supplier Audit Standard
Purchasing Purchasing Sheet Purchasing
Supplier Audit Record
Incoming Insp. Standard Process Control Incoming Stock Incoming Insp. Record Incoming Insp. Mass Product
Manufacturing Process Order
Product Insp. Standard Product Stock PO General Stock-In Insp.
Data Sheet
Product In / Out Stock Standard Document and Data Controll Product Stock PO General Incoming Insp. Stock-Out Insp.
Data Sheet
Sales Delivery Sheet Stock-Out
Product Stock
Customer Dissatisfaction Solving Procedure Sales Customer Complaint
Phone, Fax, Letter
Sales Customer Improve Quality and Feed Back
Quality System Audit Standard General Manager Quality Audit and Report
Quality System Audit
Customer Complaint
Respond to Sales Division
Sales Confirmed and Filled Out Customer Complaint Sheet
Process Problem Parts Problem
Relative Unit Analysis
Respond to Process Division or Relative Division,Corrective Action Revision Process Order
Design Change or Revise
Respond to Supplier for Solving in-Stock Good
Inform Relative Unit and Revise Process Order by Corrective Plan
Replay to Customer with Corrective and Preventive Plan in 3 Days
Supplier Mat.Insp. Material Out
Ask Supplier for Corrective and Preventive Plan
All Reject Special Approval
Process Insp.
Material to Process Division
Finished Product Testing & Packaging
Claim Non-conforming Good for Termination
In Out Stock Insp.
In Out Stock.
Point Out Failure Factor
Customer Response
Relative Unit Analyze, Discuss Parts Defected Asking Supplier Reporting Corrective Action.Enforce Incoming Material Insp.Enforce supplier Education. Comply Each Corrective Action:
Ask QC Test EachIncoming Material Characteristic and Reliable Function. Improve Reaction and Response Time to Relative Unit. Record Down Quality History Solve Problem and Prevent Reoccurrence.
Design Defected Report Corrective Action and Revise Design
Process Defected Enforce Technical Skill.Revise Process Order.
  • General Type Resistors
Carbon Film Resistors Max. 200,000,000 Pcs/month
Metal Oxide Film Resistors Max. 55,000,000 Pcs/month
Metal Film Resistors Max. 40,000,000 Pcs/month
Cement Type Resistors Max. 30,000,000 Pcs/month
Current Sense Resistors Max. 80,000,000 Pcs/month
Chip Resistors Max. 60,000,000 Pcs/month
Fusible Resistors Max. 35,000,000 Pcs/month
CDS Photo Resistors Max. 8,000,000 Pcs/month
CCR Fix Carbon Composition Resistor Max. 20,000,000 Pcs/month
RCR Metal Glaze Anti Surge Power Type Max. 20,000,000 Pcs/month
To Download General Type Resistors PDF
  • Ultra Precision Type Resistors
EE Moulding Type Series Max. 600,000 Pcs/month
MF Metal Film Series Max. 40,000,000 Pcs/month
MEF Coating Style Series Max. 4,000,000 Pcs/month
To Download Ultra Precision Type Resistors PDF
  • Power Type Resistors
Fix Type Power ~ 1000W Max. 150,000 Pcs/month
Wave Type Power ~ 2000W Max. 150,000 Pcs/month
Assembly Type Power ~ 4000W Max. 50,000 Pcs/month
To Download Power Type Resistors PDF
  • High Voltage Resistors
High Resistance Type Max. 1,000,000 Pcs/month
High Voltage Glaze Glass Max. 1,000,000 Pcs/month
Chip Type High Voltage Glaze Max. 2,000,000 Pcs/month
Metal Ceramic Resistors Max. 50,000 Pcs/month
Ultra-high Freguency Max. 2,500,000 Pcs/month
To Download High Voltage Resistors PDF
  • Ceramic Filters
Ceramic Filter for FM Series Max. 6,500,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Filter for TV/VCR Stage Max. 4,500,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Filter for Communications Max. 3,500,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Discriminator Max. 5,500,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Trap Filter Max. 3,500,000 Pcs/month
To Download Ceramic Filters PDF
  • Ceramic Resonators
Ceramic Resonators(KHz) Max. 5,000,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Resonators(MHz) Max. 4,000,000 Pcs/month
To Download Ceramic Resonators PDF
  • Dielectric Filter and Resonator
Microwave Dielectric Resonators Max. 4,000,000 Pcs/month
Microwave Dielectric Filters Max. 2,500,000 Pcs/month
Dielectric Patch Antenna Max. 3,000,000 Pcs/month
To Download Dielectric Filter and Resonator PDF
  • Inductors
CM322522 and CM453232 SMD Series Max. 7,000,000 Pcs/month
LF-5.0S Series Fixed Inductors Max. 15,000,000 Pcs/month
To Download Inductors PDF
How to achieve "Quality has Quality" :
Continuously research and develop automatic equipment to ensure stability and reliability in manufacturing.
Continuously educate current employees and newcomer to ensure fully understanding quality system.
Periodically maintain and inspect equipment to ensure product quality.
Achieve the requirements of quality control at each procedure in production.

How to achieve "Total Customer Satisfied" :
Enforce the control of non-conforming product in each manufacturing procedure.
Enforce inspection and testing before delivery.
All findings of customer dissatisfaction report back with analysis and corrective action in three days.
Enhance "customer dissatisfactory prevention" action.